YrdPod 101

What is a YrdPod?

It’s a Pod located in a Yard! 

The dictionary defines a Pod as: streamlined enclosure, housing, or detachable container of some kind; and Yard as: a piece of enclosed ground adjoining or surrounding a house or other building.

We have designed our Pods as a small, architectural building providing a flexible addition to a space in either an urban or rural setting.

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Flexible YrdPod

The YrdPods come in various different sizes such as Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L) to address the spatial needs of the varying locations and occupants, providing a flexible and affordable alternative to conventional building additions.

YrdPod adopts to many current but also changing future needs, such as a spare room in the backyard, an office or music room. But it can also be a guest room, a complete tiny house or even an off-grid cabin in a rural location.

The YrdPods with a ‘+’ come with a full bathroom and small kitchenette, these pods can be used as a self-contained secondary dwelling, providing accommodation for friends, family members or as a rental unit offering an additional source of income.  

Architectural Pod   

The YrdPod tiny houses have been designed by award-winning architects Kreis Grennan Architecture and are crafted as a beautiful, minimal architectural statement, sitting comfortably across urban or rural sites. 

Built on a solid concrete slab, the walls and roof are constructed from engineered panels, finished outside in matt-charcoal corrugated metal and inside in natural oiled birch plywood with expressed black joints. The roof is of a low profile without dominating the open space, integrating well in established backyards or nature settings.

Large floor to ceiling windows enhance the sense of space and allow natural light and air to flow through the pods. The joinery is designed with integrated storage options, beautiful detailed in whiteHigh-Pressure Laminate plywood. The bathroom is finished in a bright and warm yellow, with white fixtures and black fittings. 

Sustainable Pod

The architect will conduct a site analysis to identify the best location and orientation. The YrdPods are designed to use passive cooling and heating techniques, capturing cooling breezes by cross ventilating through full height louvred windows and an earth coupled slab with thermal mass for heating. Together with insulated walls and ceiling makes the YrdPod comfortable in winter and summer.

Low powered LED light fixtures throughout reduce energy consumption, and an optional PV solar panel and battery system make the pod capable to be off-grid. Low embodied energy through the usage of light-weight and local sourced building materials, together with FSC certified plantation timber and plywood sheets ensure an environmentally sensitive approach to construction.

Building Approval for a YrdPod

Based on the intended use, the local government area, policies and zoning there are different options to obtain building approvals.

No approval:The YrdPods can comply with the requirements of the Exempt Development Code and may be built as a non-habitable structure without planning approvals. 

Complying Development: In most cases a fast-tracked development system allows expedited approval of developments through a private certifier.

Council Development Application (DA): Where exempt or complying development are not an option, a DA with council must be lodged. The small footprint and environmental impact of the YrdPods makes it easy to obtain building approval.

Learn about your options for approval in our personal tailored proposal .

Affordable Pod

The YrdPods are one of the best permanent tiny houses in Australia; visually beautiful, solid built and durable for the future. There are many competitors in Australia offering generic, low-cost tiny houses at a lower price, but lacking the aesthetics, quality of construction and project delivery of a YrdPod.

Through the use of engineered and pre-fabricated building materials, the YrdPod can be built and fitted out in a short timeframe. KGA architects can manage the project from site analysis, customising, getting approvals to finding a suitable local builder.

Type of Pods

There are currently three standard YrdPods available in S, M and L sizes. However the Pods are fully customisable in terms of size, features, fixtures and finishes. 

The architect can design you a custom tiny house based on your brief, requirements and expectations.  

Who is YrdPod?

The team behind the YrdPods are a group of architects from Kreis Grennan Architecture www.kreisgrennan.com.au

Our design ethos is commitment to design quality, crafting great spaces and matched by our attention to detail.

We love working with small spaces, creating unique and captivating designs to live, work and be. 

How to get your own YrdPod?

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If you have questions, send us a message or call 02 9560 0888 to speak with someone from Kreis Grennan Architecture.

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