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$385.00 AUD

The YrdPods are one of the best permanent tiny houses in Australia; visually beautiful, solid and durable for the future.

Through the use of engineered and pre-fabricated building materials, the YrdPod can be built and fitted out in a short timeframe. For projects in the Sydney Metro area, KGA architects will manage the project from site analysis, customising, approvals to completion of construction.

Prices start from $65,000 for the YrdPod S+, excluding site establishment and other ancillary items, such as approvals (if required), connection to services, difficult access, sloping sites, etc.

For $385 we provide you with a tailored proposal for your specific site your YrdPod. Note this is only for sites constructed within the Sydney Metro area. 


  • Site analysis
  • Assessment of site access and preparation cost 
  • Options & cost for building approvals (if required)
  • Assessment of required service connections (where known)
  • A written report and cost guide 

Once you have purchased this option, we will send you an email with a questionnaire to gather more information. 

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