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$990.00 AUD

YrdPod M 

A square shaped studio including a built-in study area with storage and a desk makes this an ideal flexible space for an office, workshop, music room or other extension to the living area.

External dimensions 4m x 4.5m (18sqm).Internal area 3.6m x 3.6m (13sqm)

Build your own YrdPod!
With our Design Package you get everything you need to build a YrdPod yourself. You may need an owner-builder permit and have certain parts (e.g. electrical, plumbing, etc) done by licensed tradespeople.

Get a builder to build your YrdPod
With the plan & design package you get a set of detailed technical drawings, sample engineering details, specification of materials, fixtures and finishes, suggested shopping and supplier lists, etc. We can help you find a local builder and guide them through the critical construction details. 

What is included in the Plan & Design Package?
• Architectural construction documentation
• Critical construction details
• Construction specifications
• Joinery plan & design 
• Window & door schedule
• Sample of structural design (based on classifications Wind 'N3' & Soil 'M')
• Schedule of materials, fixtures and finishes
• Suggested material list and suppliers

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