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$5100.00 AUD

YrdPod S+

The smallest of the YrdPod family with a tiny footprint fits into the smallest of urban backyards or tight sites.The pod provides a multi-functional floor space, including a bathroom and integrated joinery.

External dimensions 4m x 3.6m (14sqm)
Internal area 3.6m x 2.4m (8.8sqm)

DIY - Do you want to build your own YrdPod S+?

With our Design Package you get everything you need to build a YrdPod yourself. You may need an owner-builder permit and have certain parts (e.g. electrical, plumbing, etc) done by licensed tradespeople.

Included in the price is a 1 hour briefing session to explain the construction details, with additional support available upon requests.

Are you living outside of Sydney Metro area? 

With the plan & design package you get a set of detailed technical drawings, engineering details, specification of materials, fixtures and finishes, shopping and supplier lists, etc. We can help you find a local builder, then brief and guide them through the critical construction details. Included in the price is a 1 hour briefing with the builder. with additional support available upon request.

We can also help you with local building plan approvals, local engineering certification, etc to help getting you started.

What is included in the Plan & Design Package?

  • Architectural construction documentation
  • Critical construction details, incl. photos
  • Construction specifications
  • Joinery plan & design package
  • Service plans
  • Window & door schedule
  • Structural design (based on classifications Wind 'N3' & Soil 'M')
  • Schedule of materials, fixtures and finishes
  • Itemised material and quantity list and suggested suppliers

Excluded items (if required): 

Planning and Building approvals. Thermal assessment and certification. Adjustments to design based on local conditions & classifications (wind, soil, etc). Landscaping. Stormwater. 

If you are planning to build in Metro Sydney, consider getting a Tailored Proposal to confirm the site specific conditions.

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